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Circle of Song - all abilities choir


Local musician, choir director and vocal teacher Jennifer Bee has received funding to start an all-abilities choir in the Pioneer Valley through Round 2 of Mackay City Council Regional Arts Development Funding (RADF) grants.

Her goal is to use singing to bring community and empowerment to people who can experience disadvantage and loneliness through their circumstances, and continue reinvigorating the Performing Arts culture in the region.

By opening membership to all ages and abilities, Jennifer hopes to forge an empathetic and intergenerational culture of learning and acceptance.

Beginning in early May, rotating morning rehearsals in the Pinnacle Playhouse will cater to specific focus groups, to ensure their needs are being met – carers with children (childcare provided), people with accessibility needs (physical and learning) as well as the general population (seniors, adults, homeschooling families etc).

Once these are finished, on July 15 the entire choir will come together for the first time, sing together the repertoire they have learnt, and participate in an open-forum discussion of the process, representing the official beginning of Circle of Song as an inclusive community choir.

Group singing has long been shown to boost mental health by relieving stress and feelings of isolation, as well as increasing self-esteem, and counteracting the decline of cognitive function amongst seniors.

There are also well-documented studies on its therapeutic benefits for individuals with learning disabilities, as well as creating social awareness and acceptance amongst the wider community.

This project has also been generously assisted by Pinnacle Playhouse, Officeworks Mackay, Yamaha Music and HLM Graphic Design run by a Mirani local, Holly Murphy.

Please contact Jennifer to register your interest and receive further information at circleofsong.pioneervalley@gmail.com or on 0404 163 097

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