• Jennifer Bee

First on-stage performance!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Of course, John was supported by a fantastic cast and the other leads all brought with them the emotions they were scripted to present. Every time there was a harmony my ears would pick up on an incredibly rich tone, which almost always drew my eye to Zahrah Andrews who backed up a flawless and very natural performance as Ethel Cratchit with her stunning vocals and Ben Clutterbuck was very likable as her husband, Bob Cratchit. Jennifer Bee and Jack McDougall blew the audience away with their own solos, and Ken Martin and Greg Webb were hilarious in their more comedic roles as the ghost of Jacob Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Present respectively. Rosemary Shanks was warm and authentic as Jocelyn Jollygoode and Ken Brown and Joe Fortescue brought a lot of energy and very polished performances to their own parts.

Love While You Can

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